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Senior Tools Programmer

Scalar, Programming, Stockholm

Job Description

At Ubisoft Stockholm we’re exploring what’s possible with Scalar (our new cloud technology), reclaiming our playful curiosity, and building the future of games.

We’re looking for a Senior Tools Specialist to join us and play a significant role in the future development of our cloud tech. By placing microservices independently in the cloud, Ubisoft Scalar enables our game developers to update and improve services without impacting others, or even add new features or components to a game without interrupting play sessions. Ubisoft Scalar’s purpose is to remove technical constraints for our game developers, enabling them to focus on creativity and design for never-before-seen player experiences.

The tools you’ll develop will primarily enable our Technical Artists, Designers, and Animators.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Investigating the purpose of each tool required, designing and writing those toolsets for our integrated editor (some of which will be distributed and run through the cloud), as well as collecting feedback and iterating along the way.
  • Evaluating existing solutions to make them more effective.
  • Supporting production workflows in the editor, third-party application plug-ins (e.g. Maya, source control, etc.), and productivity tools (compilation, build process, etc.).

You can also learn more about the team, day-to-day work, and why to choose Ubisoft Stockholm with insights directly from our very own Tools Programmer, Johan Beck-Noren by clicking here.


What You’ll Bring

  • Professional experience developing tools in C++
  • Working knowledge in Python
  • Practical experience with a game engine(s)
  • Knowledge of open-source packages/applications, like Conan, Git, Gitlab & Perforce.
  • Some experience with cloud technology (e.g., Google Cloud Platform, microservices, and Dockers).
  • You’ve contributed to at least 1 game project, or have similar experiences that you can share with us.
  • You’re happy expressing yourself in English and look forward to collaborating in an international and creative environment.

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