A new foundational technology leveraging the possibilities of cloud computing to enable unprecedented freedom and scale for the games of tomorrow.

Ubisoft Scalar take the components and systems of traditional game engines and transforms them into microservices in the cloud – moving from the  closed, single-processor systems of today to a distributed model across a potentially unlimited number of machines.

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Unannounced Game (New IP)

We’re working hard on
 something new and ambitious, and we can’t wait to share with you what it is. For now though, we‘re in top secret mode and the only way you’ll be able to find out more about this project is to join our team. We think that seems fair.

This project leverages our recently announced cloud-native technology that we call Ubisoft Scalar.

Forget everything…

…you think you know about what a video game should be. What if you could push the boundaries of what’s possible today? What would you create? 

We’re a curious bunch at Ubisoft Stockholm; driven by these types of thoughts and the compulsion to press every big red button that shouts “what if?” 

As lovely as this philosophy is, it isn’t just an idea. We are working every day to deliver what we believe to be a breakthrough in gaming, and we can’t wait to show you. 

But, who are we?

At Ubisoft Stockholm, we create breakthroughs that will leave their mark on our industry; empowered by established veterans and fresh talent from across the globe. Our teams are driven by a passion for bringing innovation into existence and, with a healthy dose of blind ambition, creating the games of the future.

Being part of Ubisoft Stockholm means you’re like us – willing to create the unknown and show the world what new possibilities look like, for players and game creators alike.